The Festival World Belgian Pale ale beer kit makes 40 pints of the finest beer you can get from a kit! If you love a good, traditional Belgian Pale Ale then this is the perfect kit for you. At 5.5% this ale provides a good strength and bucket loads of flavour. The beer delightfully invites you in for a sip with its aromas of cloves, banana and sweet malt. You take a sip and your tongue reveals a rich malt sweetness with a spicy yeast character. It's very satisfying for the tastebuds and leaves you feeling refreshed. What more could you want from a beer! Be careful though as one glass immediately begs another!

All malt beer kit - ABV 5.5%

  • Aroma: Spicy cloves & banana with a sweet malt character.
  • Taste: Rich malt sweetness & spicy yeast character are both refreshing & satisfying.
  • Hops: Syrian Goldings

Festival Belgian Pale ale beer kit