Harris Vinbrite filter kit

This latest model of the Vinbrite Mk3 kit includes a filter body with an air release vent, support disc, locking ring, funnel, spanner, transfer tube, flow control clip, 6 Crystalbrite pads (filters to less than 1.75 micron), Super Enzyme and Vin Clear sachets and full instructions. 


The wine is simply racked from one container to another through the filter housing which contains the filtering pad. The only pressure to push the wine through is gravity, so this is not a quick filter, but if you are not in a hurry, and are using it on small volumes, you will find that it does work effectively.


The Vinbrite instruction state that winemakers make sure that fermentation is completed before filtering. Whenever gas bubbles are seen rising in the transfer tube, this indicates that the wine is still working. In such cases, filtering should be stopped and the wine ferment out completely. However, winemakers are often impatient and will frequently try to filter unstable wines. When filtering and handling wine in general, minute gas bubbles may be released as the wine is disturbed resulting in a back pressure build-up in the filter body, which can also affect performance.


The revised filter kit has now been designed to enable the winemaker to release any trapped air whilst filtering via the vent tube and tap.

Harris Vinbrite filter kit