Pro kleen Purple Beer Line Cleaner

The Pro-Kleen Professional Heavy Duty Purple Beer Line Cleaner is a super concentrated formula that cleans and sterilises plastic and stainless steel pipe work. 

Designed to quickly and effectively clean pipelines and beer pumps to ensure your beer tastes the best.

Has a unique indicator that changes to purple when the lines are cleaned and sterilised thoroughly. 

Helps beer pumps, taps and fittings stay cleaner for longer. 

This is a bacterial pipe, pump and cellar cleaner. It is a selected blend of non silicate alkalis, non foaming wetting agents, scale modifier and sequestering agents, together with a powerful bactericide.  

Available in: 5 litre bottles

Multi pack discounts available, the more bottles you buy the bigger the saving.

Directions of use:

  • Use 25-50ml of the solution per 5 litres of cold water 
  • Leave for approximately 15 minutes
  • Rinse well and clean with cold water
  • The connection pipes and taps can also be cleaned using the same solution and dilution rate, followed by a thorough rinse 

Please always read the label on the back of the bottle and follow the instructions carefully. 

Pro kleen Purple Beer Line Cleaner